1 oz. American Silver Eagles

Celebrate 30+ years of America's favorite coin. The 2019 American Silver Eagle

Each 2019 Eagle Silver Dollar represents America's finest silver displayed in all its splendor. American Silver Eagles feature Miss Liberty draped in a U.S. Flag. All ASE coins are 1 oz. of 99.9% silver which has been guarenteed by the U.S. goverment.

The American Silver Eagle has come to be considered one of the most beautiful coins ever produced and the most popular and collected silver coin in U.S. history. Buy one of these beautiful coins and get your peice of history.

American Silver Eagle 1 oz. Coins

Description Price QTY
1 oz. 2019 American Silver Eagle Coin *NEW* $25.00
H40 Air-Tite Direct Fit Capsule - American Silver Eagle $0.50
Air-Tite & 40mm White Ring - U.S. Silver Eagle $0.57
Air-Tite & 40mm Black Ring - U.S. Silver Eagle $0.57

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