Bausch & Lomb Brand Products

Standard Bausch & Lomb Magnifiers

View your coins or currency in detal with a Bausch & Lomb magnifier. These basic models are well suited for everyday use for the beginner and expert alike. Bausch & Lomb magnifiers are made using durable, long lasting materials to provide you with years of continous use.


  • Round 3": 2x magnification with 4x magnification inset
  • Round 4": 2x magnification with 6x magnification inset
  • Round 5": 2x magnification with 4x magnification inset
  • Rectangle: 2" x 4" with 2x magnification
  • Packette: 5x magnification
Description Price Quantity
Round 3" $15.15 Out of Stock
Round 4" $21.30
Round 5" $29.75
Rectangle $15.25
Packette $8.90

Bausch & Lomb Folding Magnifiers

Bausch & Lomb Folding Pocket Magnifiers are available in a wide range of powers from 4x to 20x with several styles offering one, two or three lenses providing varying focal lengths and magnification powers.

By combining lenses, three different powers are available with the two-lens models and seven different powers with the three-lens models. The glass lenses used in all folding pocket magnifiers provide durability for long life.

The plastic swing-away case not only provides a protective cover for the lenses, but serves as a handle as well.


  • Single Lens: 2.5" focal distance with 4x magnification
  • Double Lens: 1.1" - 2.5" focal distance with 4x - 9x magnification
  • Triple Lens: 2" - 5" focal distance with 5x - 20x magnification
Description Price Quantity
Single Lens $15.90
Double Lens $22.35
Triple Lens $27.20

Coddington Jewelers Loupes

Coddington Folding Magnifier
Coddington Loupes are available in 10x, 14x and 20x. The swing-away, nickel-plated case protects the lens and serves as a handle.
Description Power Price Quantity
Focal Distance ~ 1"/2.5cm, 40 Diopters, 19.8mm Lens 10x $27.95
Focal Distance ~ .8"/2.0cm, 56 Diopters, 15.8mm Lens 14x $30.55
Focal Distance ~ .5"/1.3cm, 80 Diopters, 1.5mm Lens 20x $33.75

Hastings Jewelers Loupes

Hastings Folding Magnifier
Hastings Triplet Jewelers Loupes are truly the finest magnifiers Bausch & Lomb has to offer. Hastings Loupes incorporate three separate lenses, bonded together to form a compound lens to provide sharp, very distinct magnified image without distortion, even under 14x and 20x power magnification.

A swing-away, nickel-plated case protects the lens and serves as a handle.

Description Price Quantity
Hastings Triplet 7x Loupe with 19.8mm lens $42.90
Hastings Triplet 10x Loupe with 15.8mm lens $44.75
Hastings Triplet 14x Loupe with 12.5mm lens $52.85
Hastings Triplet 20x loupe with 8.3mm lens $52.85

Bausch & Lomb Jewelers Loupes

Bausch & Lomb watchmakers loupe
Bausch & Lomb Jewelers Loupes have long been the industry standard. These lightweight magnifiers are available in a complete range of powers from 4x to 10 loupes.

All Bausch & Lomb Loupes are manufactured for headband attachment if appropriate.

Description Price Quantity
4x magnification watchmakers loupe $12.60
5x magnification watchmakers loupe $12.60
7x magnification watchmakers loupe $12.60
10x magnification watchmakers loupe $14.90
10x magnification Hastings watchmakers loupe $53.00

Bausch & Lomb Eyeglass Loupes

Bausch & lomb eyeglass loupe
Bausch & Lomb Classic Metal Eyeglass Loupes set the standard for quality optics many years ago and we are now bringing them back with major enhancements.

These clip on eyeglass loupes are simple to use. Just clip, adjust and use!

Storage case included.

Description Price Quantity
4x magnification single lens clip on eyeglass loupe - 2½" (6.4cm) focal distance $31.80

Lighted Magnifiers

Text Magnifiers

Bausch & Lomb magna bar
Bausch & Lomb Magna Bar text magnifier measures 5¼" and lies flat on the page doubling the height of letters; while magnifying two lines of type at a time without any need to focus.This bar magnifier easily covers the full page width of most books.
Bausch & Lomb magna page
Bausch & Lomb Magna Page page magnifier features specially designed fresnel lenses that are molded (rather than hot stamped) of optical grade acrylic to provide optimum image quality.
Description Price Quantity
Magna Bar 2x bar magnifier $4.65
Magna Page 2x page magnifier $8.45