Coin Collecting Folders by Harris, Whitman and Littleton

JP's offers a wide selection of coin folders from Whitman, Harris and Littleton. Simple in design, coin folders are used by both beginning and more advanced coin collectors. Informative, attractive and affordable, a coin folder is a great way to organize, store and display your coin collection.

Harris cent coin folder
Harris Coin Folders
Whitman cent coin folder
Whitman Coin Folders
Littleton Presidential Dollar Coin Folder
Littleton Coin Folders

Presidential Dollar Coin Folder
Presidential Dollar Folders
National Park Quarter Coin Folders
National Park Quarter Folders
State Quarters Coin Folders
State Quarters Folders

Coin Folders May Be Just What You Have Been Looking For

A simple solution, coin folders make organizing your coin collection a snap. Available for all modern US coins, plus they go back to Indian Cent in the mid 1800's. Select a coin folder from the popular brands - Whitman, Littleton or H E Harris and get your collection organized.

Collect The State and National Park Quarters In A Coin Folder

A coin folder is ideal for collecting the State and National Park Quarters. JP's offers them for a single mint mark or the p&d mint marks with colorful designs.