Coin Collecting Software by Carlisle

Large inventories of coins can be difficult to keep track of. By using powerful and full featured coin collecting software, you can enter, modify, remove and view all the data about each coin in your coin collection. Even first time users will quickly be able to start using this coin software.

For Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10

Check out the full list of features below.

Key benefits of using coin collecting software:

The Collector's Assistant coin software comes packed with useful features from reports to pictures of each coin. Keeping track of all the information of every single coin couldn't be any easier. This robust software provides:

  • A comprehensive coin database for US coins listed by type, date, and mint mark which includes:
    • All circulating US coins
    • Modern commemorative and pre-1954 coins
    • Government sets
    • Bullion coinage
    • Images, in high quality for US coin types and commemoratives
    • The largest, most complete coin database of any coin collecting sodtware
  • Coin World, the industry's trusted leader, provides coin values, which you will find only on this software.
  • Report generation that is both powerful and flexible
    • Reports can be user customized
    • Option for single or multi-line reports
    • Can be printed in either portrait or landscape mode
    • Sorting and selection that is user controlled
    • Ability to store an unlimited number of report formats with and without pictures
  • Support for image scanning
  • Ability to handle and manage coin groups and duplicates
  • Different modes for collector and investor for managing purchase tracking and sales information
  • Coin dealer database that's user loadable
  • Searches can be saved for later use with the Quick Search option
  • As the grade changes, will calculate values automatically
  • Value and history information can be shownin tabular or graphical form
  • Unlimited use without having to purchase "upgrade packs" to add more inventory or features
  • 2 level storage information for inventory or insurance reporting
  • Create want and sell lists you can export to the internet, e-mail, or other coin software
  • Information fields (40+) including specifications, purchase and sales, condition, certification, inventory code, notes and more!
  • Undo feature that operates multi level
  • Print preview
  • electronic or printable user manual
  • Mint mark locator

Coin Grading Assistant Software

A comprehensive tool, The coin grading assistant helps you grade your US coins. This software contains the full content of the ANA Guide to Grading US Coins - 6th edition.

Coin Grading Assistant Features:

  • complete with 1000+ images from the ANA Guide for United States coins from 1793 to present and grades AG Unc.
  • 500 extra full color images for popular coin varieties.
  • Full grading text which includes intermediate and uncirculated grades.
  • Allows images to be attached to your coins that are catalogued in the Collector's Assistant v8.
  • Marketplace grading section.
  • General information.
  • Side by side presentation of 1 to 3 images with or without a picture of your own coin.
  • Will work with or without the Collector's Assistant coin software.

**This product is not compatable with Apple - Mac computers and other products

Order your copy of this inventory and grading software today and keep more detailed information about your collection than ever before!
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