CoinSafe Round Capsules and Bar Holders

CoinSafe Direct Fit holders are very similar to the AirTites capsules.

The CoinSafe Brand 10 oz silver bar holders are designed to fit 10 oz. Sunshine Mint silver bars. They will fit many other bars as well, however we cannot guarantee your bar will fit so please measure your bars and compare to the specs below. Bars also have grooves that make them easily stackable.
Description Price Quantity
CoinSafe 43mm - $10 Silver Strike
1.72" (43.8mm) inside diameter, 1.94" (49.22mm) outside diameter, 0.133" (3.37mm) deep
CoinSafe 43mm — 200 count (otherwise as above) $107.95
1 lb. Silver Round - 3.5" (88.9 mm) inside diameter, 3.75" (95.25 mm) outside diameter, 0.282" (7.16 mm) deep $2.35
Silver Bill Holder 6.04" (153.4mm) long x 2.51" (63.7mm) wide x 0.064" (1.62mm) deep $3.25
2 oz. Coin Capsules for The Queen Beast
Great Britain 2 oz Silver Queen's Beasts Series
(38.61mm) inside diameter, (6mm) deep
10 oz. CoinSafe Silver Bar Holder (Stackable)
10 oz. Sunshine Mint Bar
Inside Diamter 3.56" x 2.06" (90.4mm x 52.39mm)

Outside Diameter 3.80" x 2.31" (96.81mm x 58.89mm)
Depth .265" (6.73mm)