Dime Coin Tubes

Round and Square Dime Coin Tubes

We offer round and square dime tubes at super low prices. Plastic coin tubes are a great way to store and protect your dimes.

CoinSafe and Marcus tubes are made in the USA. The round tubes feature a screw on cap.

Numis tubes are the original square coin tube, having been in production since the 1960's.

All of our dime tubes are PVC free and archival safe for long term storage.

Denomination Capacity Each 100ct.
Round Dime Tubes by Marcus
Length - 2.75"
Coin Size - 17.9mm
50 coins $ .29
Square Dime Tubes by CoinSafe
Length - 3 1/8"
Coin Size - 17.9mm
50 coins $ .45

We also have coin tube storage boxes available for storing coin tubes.