Coin Cases by H.E. Harris

Looking for a coin case? These plastic coin cases are made of durable materials offering protection similar to that of an acrylic coin case. Safe for long term storage, these plastic coin holder cases will not harm your coins; and features both a frosted border that surrounds the entire case, as well as crystal clear viewing on both the front as well as the back.

Each Harris plastic coin case comes complete with a top and bottom half, as well as an inner cardboard insert which both holds your valuable coins in place, and adds an eye catching design matching each denomination.

Lincoln Cent Frosty Case

3 Designs Available
Harris Frosty Case - Nickel

1 Design Available
Harris Frosty Cases - Quarter

2 Designs Available
Harris Frosty Cases - National Parks Quarters
National Parks Quarters

6 Designs Available
Harris Nickel Frosty Case
Silver Eagle

6 Designs Available
Harris Frosty Dollar Cases
9 Designs Available