2023 Whitman Red Book - A Guide Book of U.S. Coin - Mega 8th Edition

Mega Red Book 8th Deluxe Edition - A Guide Book of U.S. Coins

The Mega Red Book 8th Edition is 5x times bigger than the regular-edition Red Book. This Red Book Deluxe Edition prices over 9,000 items with up to 13 grades each, over 50,000 individual values and 16,667 auction records. It covers Circulated, Mint State and Proof coins. The book is illustrated with 6,000 images. This has led to this book being described as the “biggest, most useful Red Book ever." The Mega Red Book 8th Edition measures 7 x 10 inches and has 1,504 pages. It follows the same structure of the regular-edition Red Book, but each chapter is expanded significantly with more historical information, die varieties and detailed grading instructions with large full-color illustrations. Each year, the new Red Book Deluxe Edition will feature an extended look at one or more coin series.

Publisher Dennis Tucker comments “This is the biggest numismatic reference Whitman has ever created,” “Many of the Deluxe Edition's chapters could be standalone books themselves.”