Whitman Red Book Large Print 2021

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Edited by Kenneth Bressett

The Official Red Book—A Guide Book of United States Coins—is 73 years young and going strong. Collectors around the country love the convenience of the large print spiral bound edition. It opens up and lies flat on the table while you study your coin collection. And of course it includes all the historical background, detailed specifications, high-resolution photographs, and accurate mintage data that turn a new coin collector into an educated numismatist. How rare are your coins? How much are they worth? The Red Book tells you, covering everything from early colonial copper tokens to hefty Old West silver dollars and dazzling gold coins. You'll find prices for more than 6,000 coins, tokens, medals, sets, and other collectibles. You'll also round out your education in commemoratives, Proof and Mint coins, error coins, Civil War tokens, Confederate coins, private gold, and all the latest National Park quarters, presidential dollars, Lincoln cents, and more. Full color.

Large Print Edition ~ 400+ pages ~ 8.5" x 10.875"