Coin Cleaning Tools & Accessories

Make cleaning your coins a lot easier with a few simple coin cleaning tools from JP's. You will find everything you need to safely handle and clean your coins.

Coin Tongs

Lighthouse metal coin tongs ensure safe handling of your coins and prevents exposure to your hands from the coin cleaners.


  • Small - 4 3/4" length
  • Wide Grip - 6" length

The blue KoinTong features safe plastic tips with meshing teeth to hold the coin, and a one-piece molded hinge with an instant lock.

Description Price Quantity
Lighthouse metal coin tongs $4.25
Lighthouse wide grip metal coin tongs $13.95
Kointong coin gripper - blue plastic $2.95

Coin Vibration Cleaner

Portable coin vibration cleaner for gently cleaning coins, medals, jewelry and other items. Even suitable for eye wear, braces, dentures, plastic lens.

Battery operated (4 x AA batteries not included).

Comes with small brush and removable basket for easy rinsing. Overall size: 7 1/2" x 4 7/8" x 4 3/8"

Use with the Leuchtturm cleaning solution for best results.

Description Price Quantity
Vibration Coin Cleaner $32.95


The Nic-A-Brush is a soft brass brush for hard-to-remove residue.
Description Price Quantity
Nic-A-Brush coin cleaning brush ( 2 pack) $4.75


The Nic-A-Rag is a soft, absorbent cloth perfect for coins that need a gentle cleaning. Cloth is approximately 80 square inches.
Description Price Quantity
Nic-A-Rag coin cleaning rag $2.25

Micro Fiber Cloth

Microfiber cleaning cloth
Micro fiber cloth measures 8x8 with over 100,000 fibers per square inch! The fiber strands are finer than silk and 100 times smaller than a human hair. Great for coins, camera lenses, watches, eye glasses and jewelry.
Description Price Quantity
Micro fiber cloth $3.25

Latex Finger Cots

Coin finger cots
Disposable latex finger cots are 100% natural latex finger tip protectors that allow you to handle your collection without concern of "thumbing" them. Quick, easy and convenient to use, they roll out over your fingers to keep fingerprints and hand oils off your coins.

Packaged in quantities of 50, regular or large.

Description Price Quantity
Regular size finger cots $2.25
Large size finger cots $2.25

White Cotton Inspection Gloves

White cotton inspection gloves are 100% cotton, great for avoiding fingerprints when working with your coin collection or other collectables. Available in men's or women's sizes.
Description 1 Pair 12 Pair 60 Pair
Men's White Gloves $1.25 $9.95 $34.95
Women's White Gloves $1.25 $9.95 $34.95