Q: What are the best storage solutions for Air-tite capsules?

A: We have many different storage solutions for both Ring Type capsules and Direct Fit capsules.   A few of the favorites are: The coin tube with red cap which is available in 5 sizes, A, T, H, I and X, the capsule box that holds 25-50 capsules, designed with a molded tray to keep the capsules from touching each other and the Lighthouse Album complete with molded pages that totally encase the capsules, holding each capsule in place. Also available are the Air-tite Album, Air-Tite Storage Box as well as many other options for showcasing your favorites like the Air-tite presentation cases available in many different configurations.

Q: Where do I find Cardboard 2x2's for my coins?

A: There are 3 sizes available in the cardboard coin holders, 1.5x1.52x2 and 2.5x2.5. These cardboard coin holders are made with tough mylar windows designed to last for years. 

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