Coin Collecting Accessories and Tools

Whether you're a beginner or a long-time collector, we offer the coin collecting tools and accessories you've been looking for. Check out these great items!

Libra Digital Coin Scale

The Libra mini digital coin scale is a great tool for collectors. It features an illuminated LCD display and an auto off function to conserve the battery. Scale is switchable between 6 different weighing units which include g, oz, ozt, dwt, ct and gn.

Features a large stainless steel weighing platform and detachable cover to protect your scale and also serve as a weighing platform. 1 CR2032 battery is included. Weighing Range: 0.01-100 g. and a counting function.

Description Price Quantity
Libra Coin Scale
1 3/4 x 3 x 1/2" (45 x 76 x 13mm)

Vernier Calipers

Description Price Quantity
Vernier Calipers $4.50

Poly Zipper Bags

Size (width x length) 100 ct. Price Quantity
1.5" x 2" $2.00
2" x 2" $2.00
2" x 3" $2.00
3" x 3" $2.50
3" x 4" $2.75
3" x 5" $2.75
4" x 4" $2.75
4" x 6" $3.00
6" x 6" $3.75

Graded Coin Slab Protector Bag

Coin slab bag
Prevent scratching on your certified coin slabs with these custom Certified Coin Protector Bags. These bags are durable yet certified coins and the bags still fit easily into the standard NGC and PCGS 20 slab boxes. This bag is custom size and was specifically designed to perfectly fit the standard and thick PCGS and NGC slabs.

Bag has a resealable strip that lasts forever and prevents the slab from falling out and is easily opened to remove the slab. A great product for anyone who does not want a scratched slab to affect the coin's perceived value.
Description Price 100 ct.
Graded Coin Slab Protector Bag - 2.75 x 3.75 Resealable $1.95

2x2 Coin Envelopes

Description Price Quantity
Coin Envelopes - 2" x 2" - 100 ct $4.50
Coin Envelopes - 2" x 2" - 500 ct $19.95
Coin Envelopes - 2" x 2" - 1,000 ct $36.95

Max Flat Clinch Staplers

Stapler Model Price Quantity
10FL Stapler - LE - Blue (Uses Mini Staples) $10.95
HD50DF Standard Desk Stapler - Black $26.95


Description Stapler Model Price Quantity
#35 Standard Staples - 5,000 ct HD50DF $3.95
#10 Mini Staples - 1,000 ct 10FL $1.25
#10 Mini Staples - 5,000 ct 10FL $4.50

Velour Gift Bags

Description Price Red Blue
3" x 3" Velour Bag $.65
3" x 4" Velour Bag $.65

Whitman Date Transfer Sheets

Transfer date sheets are an easy way to update your albums, folders or blank pages. Get professional results with this simple to use, inexpensive product from Whitman.

Set Includes:

  • Numbers 0 through 9 (14 each)
  • Letters P, D and S (14 each)
  • Years 1999 - 2022 (5 each)
  • Black or gold available

How to Use:

  1. Clean and dry the surface
  2. Remove white paper from transparent sheet
  3. Place and align where desired
  4. Rub numbers onto item with applicator included
  5. Lift edges and confirm transfer
Description Price Black Gold
Whitman Date Transfer Sheet Set $5.50