Storage-Tubes for Air-tite Coin Capsules

Storage tubes provide an easy way to store your AirTite coin holders in one convenient place. Designed to hold the 4 popular sizes of Airtite coin capsules.

Storage Tubes for AirTite Coin Capsules

Storage tubes A-I hold up to 20 AirTite capsules and the X tube will hold 15. They offer a welded bottom with a slip on cap, crystal clear and archival safe.

Check the outside diameter of your Airtite capsules if you are not sure about the model. Outside diameters are listed below.

A model is 30.9mm or 1.22"
T model is 36.5mm or 1.44"
H model is 44.5mm or 1.75"
I model is 51.6mm or 2.03"
X model is 53.8mm or 2.12"

(The H tube will also hold 10-11 of the 2 oz. capsules for Privateers or the Queens Beast)
(The X Tube will also hold 10-11 of the X6D Air-Tite Capsules)

Refer to the Airtite Chart for additional information.

Model Length (w/cap) Each
10 ct
25 ct
100 ct
Model A
Model T
Model H
Model I
Price Length (w/cap) Each
10 ct
25 ct
100 ct
Model X