Sure Safe Shipping Tubes

Get the ultimate in protection when shipping your coins with a Sure Safe shipping tubes by AirTite. These plastic tubes are available for rounds or bars, the perfect choice for for shipping coins and bars.

Sure Safe Shipping Tubes by AirTite

Coins are separated by a molded comb design and the assembly locks shut by the use of black plastic rings over both ends.

The round Sure Safe Shipper tubes work great for silver dollars, silver eagles and 1 oz silver rounds. Round shipper tubes measure 1¾” X 4 7/8”, and will fit 38mm - 40.6mm coins or medallions. Holds up to 20 rounds.

The bar shipper tube measures 2 1/8” X 3 7/8” X 1 5/16”. Holds up to 20 bars.

  Description Price Each Quantity
Sure Safe Shipper for Round Coins $1.50
Sure Safe Shipper for 1oz Silver Bars $1.50