Genuine Air-Tite coin holders and capsules, made in the USA of crystal clear acrylic, are available in direct fit and the popular ring type holder for all sizes of coins. As one of the largest distributors of Air-Tite containers in the US, JP's Corner brings you some of the best prices on the web.

PVC free Air-Tite coin capsules offer superb long term protection and will improve the appeal of your collection.

For a guide to ordering the correct Air-Tite holder for your coin, view our Air-Tite Size Guide.

If you have odd-sized coins, you may wish to print your own Ring Diameter Gauge to help you determine what size rings you will need.

If you have other questions about Air-Tite products, please visit the Air-Tite Specifications Page.

Finally, understanding the Air-Tite models will assist in determining what display case or Cap-Tube you will need.


Direct Fit Air-Tites


Ring Type Air-Tite Products

Ring Type Air-Tites

Black and White Foam Rings for Air-Tite Coin Capsules

Air-Tite Foam Rings

Coin Capsule Boxes 

Coin Capsule Storage Boxes

Air-Tite Boxes 

Air-Tite Coin Boxes

Guardhouse Storage Box for Slab Capsules

1 oz. bar holder storage boxes

Coin Capsule Album and Pages

Coin Capsule Albums

Air-Tite Coin Albums


Air-Tite Albums

Lighthouse Magic Floating Frames 

Magic Floating Frames

Coin Display Boxes

Coin Display Boxes

Air-Tite Frame Holders 

Air-Tite Frame Holders

Golf Ball Easel

Display Easels


Coin Tubes for Coin Capsules

Coin Capsule Tubes


Bar Holder Capsule

Silver Bar Holders