PC-7 Wood Coin Presentation Case

These wooden coin cases are manufactured from laminated wood with brass hinges. Each box has a top card, display card, reflector card and a felt bottom. The cases have a thumb cut area for easy opening and magnetic corners to help secure closure. (Note: magnetic closures are not a locking feature). Display cards come in black, navy blue, burgundy, red and green. Reflectors can be either silver or gold.

Presentation cases are available in several configurations for Air-Tite coin capsules. Certified slab cases are also available in PC4 ~ PC7 models. See configuration lists for details. Case Measures: 8 1/4 x 14 x 1 7/8

Screen printing available on 50+ cases. Normally printed on the white liner on the inside of the box. Call for info.

**The picture is just an example of box size and one configuration. Your configuration may differ. Scroll through the images for a guide on how to order the correct configuration.

Follow this link for a helpful guide on picking out the correct configuration for your coin display case.