Bundle J - Marcus Round Tubes and XL Gloves

This combo pack includes 8 different Marcus Round coin tubes and a pair of gloves for handling your coins safely.

Combo Pack includes 1 each of the following items 

  • Round Tube Cent (19mm or .75")
  • Round Tube Nickel (21.2mm or .835")
  • Round Tube Dime (18mm or .70")
  • Round Tube Quarter (24.3mm or .957")
  • Round Tube Half Dollar  (30.6mm or 1.204")
  • Round Tube Small Dollar  (26.5mm or 1.043")
  • Round Tube Silver Dollar (38.1mm or 1.50")
  • Round Tube ASE (40.6mm or 1.598")
  • Pair of XL Gloves