Coin Diameter Gauge for U.S. & Foreign Coins

Coin Diameter Gauge for U.S. & Foreign Coins PDFJP's Corner is pleased to provide you with a coin diameters gauge to assist in selecting the correct size rings for your coins when using AirTite coin holders.

Click the link to print your own Coin Diameter Gauge. To further understand Air-Tites, check out our Air-Tite Coin Holder Size Chart.

This file is in PDF format. Printing a PDF may require Adobe Reader.

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A millimeter scale is provided on the page so that you can verify that the gauge has printed at the correct size; simply compare the scale with a ruler or test the diameter of a quarter to ensure correct printing. If you experience difficulties printing the gauge at the correct size, be sure that the "fit to page" option in the Adobe print dialog box is NOT selected.