Bundle O (100 Direct Fit Model H Air-tites, & 5 Model H Storage Tubes)


 This bundle includes your choice of 100 Direct Fit Model H Air-tites, & 5 Model H storage Tubes.

The storage tubes each hold up to 20 Model H Air-tite coin holders. 

  • Length of Tube measures 5 1/4" with lid
  • Inside tube diameter is 1.820" or 46.23mm
  • Made in the USA
  • Tubes are made of PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol)
  • Lid is made of Polypropylene
  • Coins in picture are for display purposes only and not included
  • *NOTE* If using the Model H storage tube you will only fit 19 of H$5ML in the tube instead of 20 like the other Model H holders due to the extra outside  thickness of the holder. 

 You can choose from the following Direct Fit Model H Air-tites to go with your box. All sizes listed below:

 Size Inside Diameter Inside Depth Commonly Used For
H27 27.0mm 3.175mm OD-5.4mm

1/2 oz  $25 Gold Eagle

H32 32.7mm 3.175mm OD-5.4mm

1 oz Gold Eagle / Buffalo

H34 34.0mm 3.175mm OD-5.4mm

$20 Gold Liberty Head

H38 38.1mm 3.175mm OD-5.4mm

Morgan, Peace. & Eisenhower Dollars

H39 39.37mm 3.175mm OD-5.4mm

Silver Rounds

H40.6 40.6mm

3.175mm OD-5.4mm

American Silver Eagles

H$5ML 38.1mm 3.29mm OD-5.94mm

1 oz Silver Maple Leaf