Capital Plastic Holder 5 Openings- Blank Black


Capital Plastic holders are handcrafted and made from a molded acrylic. This ensures that the holders are made with a quality that is second to none. To use the holders simply place the coins inside their designated holes inside of the insert, then place the insert in between the two acrylic sides. Once you do that, all you need to do is screw the holder together. Once your coins are sealed in the holder you can have confidence that your coins are safe. Capital Plastics does not use any sulfur, foam fubber, pvc, acid, or any other substances that can damage your coins. This means that these holders are archival safe for your coins.

These Capital Plastics holders come with a black insert. These holders are left blank so you can put either mint or proof set coins in them. They hold a total of five coins, one of each of the following: Half Dollar, Quarter, Dime, Nickel, and Cent.