Cash In Your Coins - 4th Edition

Your guide on this journey is Beth Deisher, an award-winning journalist and retired editor of Coin World, the hobby's premier news weekly. Drawing on more than 30 years of experience helping people understand and collect coins and paper currency, Deisher shows you how to identify what you own, how to create an inventory, how to pick out extra-valuable coins, how to value a large estate, "talking the talk" when you go to sell, the effect of the "fiscal cliff" and recent estate- and tax-related legislation, and other important and valuable lessons. New features include an in-depth illustrated chapter on increasingly deceptive counterfeit coins. This is an area of expertise for Deisher, who served as a director of the Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation. The advice she shares is valuable for anyone unfamiliar with coins—and even for longtime hobbyists.

Every coin collector should keep a copy of this book with their collection, to help their loved ones make smart decisions when the time comes to sell. 336 pages, softcover, full color.