CoinSafe 2 oz Round 40.7mm / 6.28 Inside Depth Coin Capsule - RC-40-2


The CoinSafe 40.7mm coin capsule is designed to fit 2oz High Relief Rounds, for example the Elemental Privateer Series, Sekhmet Silver Egyptian God Series, and other 40.7 coins with thickness of 6.28mm or less. 

  • Model RC-40-2
  • Inside Diameter is 40.73mm (1.604")
  • Inside Thickness is 6.35mm (.25")
  • Outside Diameter is 46.04mm (1.813")
  • Outside Thickness is 9.6mm (.378")
  • Made in the USA
  • Certified 100 percent inert to any precious metals
  • Optical grade ultra high molecular weight polystyrene
  • Simple two piece design that snaps together 
  • Perfect for long term storage