CoinSafe 2 oz Round 48mm Coin Capsule - RC-48-2


The CoinSafe 48mm coin capsule is designed to fit 48mm 2 oz coins with a thickness of 4.13 or less. This capsule is thinner than our CoinSafe 2 oz 39mm capsules. 

  • Model RC-48-2
  • Inside Diameter is 47.94mm (1.88")
  • Inside Thickness is 4.13mm (.16")
  • Outside Diameter is 54.03mm (2.12")
  • Outside Thickness is 7.17mm (.28")
  • Made in the USA
  • Certified 100 percent inert to any precious metals
  • Optical grade ultra high molecular weight polystyrene
  • Simple two piece design that snaps together 
  • Perfect for long term storage