GuardHouse Tetra 2x2 Snaplocks for Quarters 24.3mm or .957"


Guardhouse Tetra 2x2 Snaplocks feature a snap-together design, allowing your coin to be securely enclosed in the individual holder. The Guardhouse plastic holders are similar to ring type Air-Tites in that they have a hard outer case and a foam insert that holds the coin in place. 

  • Constructed of Polystyrene Archival material
  • Acid Free
  • Ideal for long term protection for single coin
  • Notches provided for easy opening
  • Black EVA foam inserts to hold your coin in place while providing a nice display of your coin.
  • Coin Size fits - Quarter 24.3mm or 9.57"
  • Holders can be stored in any of our 2x2 storage boxes or Lighthouse 2x2 pocket pages