Model H Black Leatherette Album - SCRATCH & DENT


(See additional pictures for examples of possible damage)

Introducing our new Black Leatherette Album with Silver Embroidery, the perfect Storage solution for all of your Model H capsules.  This album harmonizes elegance and functionality to provide an exceptional display of your valuable Model H Airtite brand coin capsules.

The Album is designed to accommodate up to 40 Model H coin capsules, offers ample space to curate and organize your favorites out of your collection.  The thumb notch beside each of the capsule openings allows for ease in placing and removing the capsule from the album for easy viewing.  It provides a compact and easy way to transport your coins to and from your coin shows and flea markets, as well as the ease of taking them out to show off your precious metals. 

 Whether you are a seasoned numismatist or a passionate coin collector, our New Black Leatherette Album is a must-have addition to your collection.

Fits Air-tite brand capsules with an outside diameter of 44.45mm or 1.75"

 The capsules are NOT included with this album but can be purchased at the link below.