Ring Type Air-Tite Model H - 29mm White


White Ring Air-Tite coin holders are one of our best selling products.  They are extremely popular because not only will they make your coin collection look great, they do a superb job of protecting them as well. Each one of our Air-Tites is molded from a clear acrylic and contains a white inner ring that holds the coin in place and accents the coin. Capsule works great for Lg. Cent Lib. Cap (1793 ~ 1796), Lg. Cent Bust (1796 ~ 1807), Lg. Cent Classic (1808 ~ 1814), Lg. Cent Coronet (1816 ~ 1836).

If we do not have an exact size match for your coin, we recommend rounding down your coin's diameter to determine which Air-Tite to get. For example, if your coin is 29.3mm, we recommend getting a 29mm Air-Tite. After you have decided which Air-Tites to purchase, we also have a full line of albumsboxes and tubes designed specifically for our Air-Tite coin holders. 

For more coin sizes please check out our coin size guide or for coin capsule specifications take a look at our Air-Tite measurement and info page.