Lead Dog 12 Pocket Pages: 2.5x2.5s

Number of Pages

Our lead dog pocket pages are made to hold only the cardboard 2.5 x 2.5 coin holders , though most of our customers use them for cardboard holders and flips. Each page contains 12 pockets, and each pocket has an opening at the top of where the holder or flip is inserted. Once the holder is in the pocket it will not fall out, but can be easily removed. These pages also feature a small opening on the bottom of each pocket. This opening is too small to fit a holder or coin through, but it will allow you to help push the holder out of the pocket.

Each of these pages is made from a sturdy crystal clear vinyl that is polished to make sure it is in fact crystal clear. In order to ensure each pocket remains uncompromised and in perfect condition, the pages are made by electronically sealing all of the edges. These pages will fit most standard any U.S.  3-Ring notebooks.


Page Size: 8.875" x 11.25"

Pockets per page: 12

Pocket size: 2.6875" x 2.5" (Made for 2.5x2.5 holders)

**NOTE** These pages will not hold the SuperSafe Self Sealing 2.5x2.5 coin holders