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March 10, 2022 3 min read

Nobody does it like we do!  Nobody cares like the staff at JP’s!  We love what we do, we love the people we serve, we love providing Great customer service like Nobody else!

In these current times post Covid-19, it is challenging to find companies, owners as well as employees, who care enough to provide good customer service.  Many factors come into play, some can’t get the product needed to take care of their customer, many can’t find employees that want to work, and some are still working from home where they are limited in taking care of their customers.  Those companies who are fortunate enough to find help, either don’t have time to train properly or can’t find people who care enough to learn or prove to have good work ethic. I along with the staff at JP’s Corner have never stopped caring and finding ways to provide the best customer service that our customers deserve, no matter the situation. There was a 5-day period during the shut down, back in 2020, where we did not answer the phone but checked messages/returned calls every few hours.  It saddens me that so much has changed since Covid-19 that didn’t have to.

Over a year ago, I lost my father to Covid-19.  That was a very difficult time for me and I know so many experienced the same heartache.  During this time, our business was thriving which was a true blessing amongst all of the hardships in many other industries.  We worked short staff, some worked odd long hours, others took loads of stuff home to work on and others returned calls and took orders from home.  During the mandatory 2 week shut down by the state of Missouri, my family continued to work 12-15 hours in the shop, processing orders and getting them out the door.  In all that time, our employees’ safety was priority while equally important was making sure we met the needs of our customers.

My lifelong dream was to buy my parents home some day and keep it in the family, which did happen this past year.  We did some extensive remodeling and added on a kitchen.  This project stretched out over a 10-month period and I have learned a lot about being on the customer side of things.  I have worked with suppliers who were superb at taking care of me from the initial contact to the install.  I have also worked with suppliers who made my life very difficult.  Over the past few months, I continuously compared those difficult suppliers to the ones who made the process seamless for me.  I then thought about how we do things at JP’s and hope that our customers felt that they came first with us and could depend on us for a great, seamless experience every time they ordered.  Being in this business 19+ years now, I look back on how I was brought up, to be honest, fair and to treat others as I want to be treated.  I learned from the previous owner also to be honest always, treat customers the same no matter the order size, big or small, and take care of issues right away. 

 As we built the staff at JP’s Corner, we hired good, honest, hard working and caring people so that we could provide the best possible customer service in the industry.  I hope that we have done that.  So, thank you to all of our customers who have hung in there with through many changes.  We appreciate you and your trust in JP’s Corner to serve your coin and currency supply needs and hope that you will continue this partnership, providing us feedback, good and bad, and letting us know how we can serve you better!

Take Care, be Kind and make the Most of Each Day,

Jewels from Jane

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