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February 21, 2022 2 min read

Coin Collecting is a great hobby and can be enjoyed by all ages. I have the pleasure of serving a diverse group of people every day. Some of these nice folks have been collecting for many years, others are just getting started and yet many others have put their coins aside while managing a career and family, to find themselves getting them back out again when they retire. Even though old money, silver dollars, wheat pennies, etc are not as plentiful as they once were, they are still fun to hunt for at flea markets and coin shows.  There are also new coins being minted every year that pique an interest with some new collectors.  We take calls daily from customers who just bought a new coin and need a capsule to house them and show them off, or a family who lost a loved one and they are trying to sort through their collection and don't know where to start. There is so much to know about coins, rare and key dates, low mintage, silver and gold content, etc. 

My first real knowledge of coins came when I started working for Jerry at JP's Corner selling coin supplies.  I didn't know anything about coins but soon found it very interesting, starting my own collection with silver rounds and silver eagles.  I would give them as gifts for my kid’s birthdays and graduation.  I often think about my first purchase of silver at the high price of $6.50 an ounce.  If only I had known what that ounce of silver would value at one day, I obviously would have bought more as so many of us would have. I have many memories and lots of stories to tell over the past almost 20 years of working in this industry.  I have met many, many people who, some I can call my good friends today.  This job has allowed me to gain knowledge of the many products out there that I can share with my customers. I have learned so much about coins and currency from my customers who are so kind to take the time to share their knowledge with me.

I believe that collecting coins can be enjoyed by anyone, at any age.  It's interesting, fun, relaxing and a great way to pass the time of day, especially in our Golden years. 

I'm not going anywhere soon so I plan to continue making friends, helping our customers with solutions for their coin displays and storage, and enjoy the stories and gaining wisdom of the good people I have the privilege of visiting with each day! I plan to share some of those stories as I begin to slow down a bit and reminisce over these past 19+ years!  Stay healthy, laugh a lot and enjoy life! We only get one go around, make the best of it!

Jewels from Jane!

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