Kids Coin Collecting Kits

This collector's book and coin album introduces you to the fascinating and valuable hobby of collecting coins. Coin slots on every page take you on a tour of the Mint, whisk you through the 20th century, and challenge you to find old and new coins.

Explore the world of early money and learn about U.S. history, then join the craze to collect the 50 State Quarters, the entire Westward Journey Nickel Series, and all the new Presidential $1 Coins.

The album is constructed of a heavy board material and special acid-free paper which will keep your coins safe for years. (New Edition! With slots to collect more than 150 coins!)

Starter Coin Collecting Kit #001
$41.95 $74.92
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Intermediate Coin Collecting Kit #004
$47.95 $89.39
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Deluxe Coin Collecting Kit #002
$84.95 $158.00
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