Plastic 2x2 Coin Holders

These 2x2 plastic coin holders are a great alternative to cardboard and vinyl coin flips. Just snap the square coin capsule case together to hold the coin securely in place. Viewing your coins with the plastic holders has never been easier with the help of their crystal clear windows. An added feature of the 2x2 plastic coin holders is that they are reusable. This means collectors can swap out coins in the holders without having to worry about damaging their coins or the holder in the process.

All of the plastic square coin holders offered by JP’s Corner are made from inert materials that make each holder archival safe. With the PVC free plastic holders we offer, collectors can have confidence that their coins will maintain their condition year after year.

 Guardhouse Plastic 2x2

Guardhouse Plastic 2x2s

Marcus Plastic 2x2

Marcus Plastic 2x2s

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