Coin Capsule Albums by Lighthouse

Displaying and storing your coins in coin capsules is now a lot easier thanks to the Lighthouse EnCap Pocket Page Albums for Coin Capsules.

This beautiful album features a black leatherette cover with gold embroidery and a black slipcase, album holds 6 pages for A, T, H or I size Air-Tite capsules or other brands with the same outside diameter. Number of openings vary based on capsule model. Album is 11 3/8" wide, 12 5/8" tall and 2 1/4" thick.

Lighthouse capsule pages work with Air-Tite, Coinsafe, Guardhouse and Lighthouse round coin capsules.

Not sure which album you need? Check the outside diameter of your capsules or print and refer to JP's Coin Capsule Guide to make things easy, just place your coin capsule in one of the circles and determine the album or storage box you will need.

Note: Silver Eagles and Silver Dollars in round capsules issued by the US Mint do not work in any of the above albums, as the diameter of the capsules are slightly larger.
Coin Capsule Albums for AirTites by Lighthouse Price Quantity
A Album - holds Air-tite model A, Guardhouse small and Coin Safe brand capsules with an outside diameter of 1.22" or 30.94mm, 48 openings per page, 288 holders per album. $39.95
T Album - holds Air-tite model T, Guardhouse medium and Coin Safe brand capsules with an outside diameter of 1.44" or 36.90mm, 30 openings per page, 180 holders per album. $39.95
H Album - holds Air-tite model H, Guardhouse large and Coin Safe brand capsules with an outside diameter of 1.75" or 44.45mm, 20 openings per page, 120 holders per album. $39.95
I Album - holds Air-tite model I, Guardhouse extra large and Coin Safe brand capsules with an outside diameter of 2.03" or 51.59mm, 15 openings per page, 90 holders per album.
Blank Album - Blank album holds all of the EnCap pages below so you can customize your own album with multiple Air-tite Coin Capsule sizes.
Coin Capsule Pages for Lighthouse EnCap Album Price Quantity
A-Model Pocket Pages - holds 48 Air-tite Model-A coin capsules. $2.95
T-Model Pocket Pages - holds 30 Air-tite Model-T coin capsules. $2.95
H-Model Pocket Pages- holds 20 Air-tite Model-H coin capsules. $2.95
I-Model Pocket Pages- holds 15 Air-tite Model-I coin capsules. $2.95

AirTite Coin Albums

These albums are specifically designed for Airtite coin holders.
Model Openings Album Display Cards
Model A 54 $30.50 $1.25
Model T 54 $30.50 $1.25
Model H 30 $30.50 $1.25
Model I 24 $30.50 $1.25
1 oz. Bar 36 $30.50 $1.25
5 pc. Year Set (2A,2T,1H) 30 $30.50 $1.25
6 pc. Year Set (2A,2T,1H,1I) 36 $30.50 $1.25
6 pc. Year Set (5A,1T) 36 $30.50 $1.25
Empty Album --- $23.95 ---