Whitman Coin Folders

Whitman coin collecting folders have been the standard in coin collecting for a number of years. These folders allow collectors both young and old to easily collect and store their treasures. The trademark Whitman Blue is something that collectors young and old have come to know and trust. Each and every Whitman coin collecting folder is archival safe which means that the coins stored in the folders will remain protected for years 

Whitman folders are known for several things, and one that is synonymous with Whitman is all the detail they put into their folders. Each and every folder comes with a detailed history of the coins it holds. This includes a history of how the coin came to be, the composition of a coin and the number of coins that were minted each year.

We also carry coin collecting albums. Check out our full line of coin albums including LittletonDansco and Whitman brands.

 Whitman Cent Folder

Whitman Cent Folders

Whitman Nickel Folder

Whitman Nickel Folders

Whitman Dime Folder

Whitman Dime Folders

Whitman Quarter Folder

Whitman Quarter Folders

Whitman Half Dollar Folder

Whitman Half Dollar Folders

Whitman Dollar Folder

Whitman Dollar Folders

Whitman US Type Coins Folder

Whitman US Type Coins Folder

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