Littleton Coin Albums

Littleton US Coin Albums by are everything a collector could want in an album. They are archival safe, extremely sturdy, and not prohibitively expensive. Each Littleton coin album features a green binder that keeps your coins and the pages contained in the album protected. The inside cover of each album contains historical information and mint records on the coins it was made for. These US coin albums are one of the most user friendly albums on the market.

To further the protection of your album Littleton also offers slipcases and corrosion protection pages for these albums. The corrosion protection pages do exactly what it sounds like, they keep your coins safe from corrosion and tarnishing that other albums do not protect from. With the addition of the slipcases and corrosion protection pages you can keep your coins in their current state for up to 15 years!

In addition to these Littleton coin albums we also offer a full line of coin folders and maps including HarrisLittleton and Whitman brands.

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